Indigenous Jarai youth attended the Paris Peace Forum for the first time

Indigenous Jarai youth attended the Paris Peace Forum for the first time

I am delighted that I am a member of the Cambodia ICT Camp and the CamIDF because it allows me to gain benefits for capacity development and attend international events, like the Paris Peace Forum. I was selected to participate in the “Open Data for Indigenous and Ethnic Minority” project, presented by Open Development Cambodia, at the fifth Paris Peace Forum (PPF) in Paris. The project attracted the interest of hundreds of participants to have a better knowledge of the situation of indigenous people in Cambodia. Better access to data and information will help the indigenous group realize its rights to self-governance and self-determination.

This is my first time going to an international forum. The two-day event gave me more new experiences. I presented the project to visitors of various ranks, students, emerging leaders, professionals, and specialists who stopped by our booth. I especially spoke with His Excellency Ket Sophann, Ambassador of Cambodia to France. His Excellency found our project to be impressive. All these experiences would enhance my ability to communicate and self-development. In addition, I’ve participated in many sessions on data, digital, and global issues, as well as debates over Russia and Ukraine. The session on “Ukraine and Russia,” which is connected to my undergraduate major, piqued my curiosity.


Additionally, I learned how they were preparing for the global event; all of these experiences would be helpful in my current position at work and future profession. Furthermore, it promotes young indigenous people’s participation in international and global forums. I had a chance to visit Eiffel Tower and Square Louise Michel, which are the most picturesque locations in the city’s center.

Last but not least, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Thy Try, Executive Director of Open Development Cambodia, for the arrangement for indigenous youths to present on the international stage in Paris. I also would like to sincerely thank Mrs. Yun Mane, Executive Director of Cambodia Indigenous Peoples Organization, for her ongoing efforts to support young people representing indigenous youth at international forums. I would like to express my profound gratitude to the Raoul Wallenberg Institute, a donor who supported me when I was a young man in a far-off village to achieve my dream.